About R.E.A.C.T.



Owner of The Michele Condrey Studio/R.E.A.C.T., Michele has over 40 years experience in the entertainment industry, both in Los Angeles and Dallas. 

She has been teaching since 1991.  

In L.A. Michele trained for many years with acting coach Charles Conrad in The Meisner Method of acting.  Charles was Meisner's top Associate Coach both in NYC & L.A.  Meisner sent Charles Conrad to open a West Coast studio and to teach all actors. 

Most of my actors come through word of mouth. I only want to work with talented people who are dedicated and committed enough to know what it takes to succeed as an actor.  I specialize in film & television acting only. My love is, always has been, and always will be...film.  



Michelle Sherrill began bringing stories to life through the abstract physicality of dance under the tutelage of Ballet Russe ballerinas Nancy Schaffenburg, and Natasha Krassovska.  She also enrolled in a summer performing arts program at Casa Mañana. Here she was introduced to the wonder-filled world of theater and acting, which she recalls fondly as "brilliant and intriguing." This was the beginning of a thriving career for Michelle; from stage to film and eventually into the classroom.

Pursuing both theater and film, Michelle followed the direction of renowned industry coaches Gail Cronaeur and Michele Condrey. She presently studies under Condrey at R.E.A.C.T. Studios, where she's devoted 17 years, and has developed into an accomplished & inspiring acting instructor as well.



I offer acting instruction based on the reality-oriented Sanford Meisner Method. Focus is on listening & trusting your instincts. This is a very personal, emotionalized and challenging approach to acting. Be prepared to take a journey that requires emotional bravery. This is what sets us apart from other studios. We focus less on the "technical" aspects, and more on the "emotional development" of the acting craft.    

Acting sessions are ongoing. Skipping from acting studio to acting studio assures poor results. However, we require no contract. I want you to stay with my studio because you want to, not because you have to. An actor must be willing to experience the good, the bad and the ugly on their journey to being an actor.   If you are only looking for a couple of weeks of instruction, I kindly suggest you look elsewhere.  My goal is to make you the best film actor you can be.  I love what I do.



Ever felt you needed a "best friend" in the industry where you could seek advice? Thinking about moving to New York or L.A.?   I'll be happy to go over (and help with) selecting headshots, acting resume, and share my knowledge of talent agents and their procedures.