Check out the FAQ's on how to come audit a class!

HOW TO AUDIT (watch) A CLASS?:  Please Email Studio@ReactActors.com or call 214-834-8770 to set up an appointment to audit a class. You MUST be 18 years or older.  

 AT WHAT TIME SHOULD I ARRIVE?  At 12:30 for DAY sessions and 5:30 p.m. for EVENING sessions.  Plan to stay for the entire class


WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?   Located near I-35 and Mockingbird. Actual address will be provided when you contact us.

WHAT DOES THE ASSISTANT COACH DO?   Gets actors ready to move into Michele Condrey's classes.  She starts each actor from the basics of The Meisner Method of Acting

CAN I START DIRECTLY WITH MICHELE CONDREY?  Yes, if she has an available opening,  and you are a more intermediate to advanced actor.  You would be asked to do a cold read for Michele.  The associate coach classes require no cold read.


Class #1 is on-camera cold-read audition.  

Class #2 is on-camera memorized scene.  

Class #3 is off-camera cold read and/or acting exercises.   

Class #4 is off-camera memorized.  


Michele Condrey:  $185 for 4 classes (Special plan available for $150 - Ask me!)  
Assistant Coach:  $165 for 4 sessions. (Special plan available for $135 - Ask me!)

(Please bring a checkbook, credit card or cash in case you decide to join.  Spots in class or on waiting list will not be held without a $25 refundable deposit.)