Testimonial from Del Shores

Award winning writer/director/producer -- "Sordid Lives" (the play, movie and TV series), "Queer as Folk", Dharma & Greg, Southern Baptist Sissies, critically acclaimed "Yellow", and "Blues for Willadean", a feature film starring Academy Award-winning Octavia Spencer, Dale Dickey, Beth Grant, and five R.E.A.C.T. actors.

"I have been teaching weekend workshops in Dallas for a few years now.  I can't begin to count the amazing students that have studied with me that have come out of The Michele Condrey Studio/R.E.A.C.T.  Their talent is immense and their acting skills and training is reflected in their exciting work.  It is simply stellar.  Actors talk and what they tell me is how brilliant the amazing Michele Condrey is as their primary acting coach.  I have also had the pleasure of sitting in and watching Michele in action.  She is nurturing, intuitive and tough all at once.  Michele has my love and adoration, but above all, she has my respect!  I highly recommend Michele Condrey and the Michele Condrey Studio - R.E.A.C.T. to anybody who has the opportunity to study there.

Del Shores -  Los Angeles


Actor Testimonials

MARK CUBAN (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) wrote this to Michele:  "I think that "The Benefactor" was my one and only pop in reality tv...it was a blast to do.  And all your classes came in handy!  Made it easier to tell who was acting and who was real...  Thanks, MARK  (currently on "Shark Tank")  

JOHN McCALMONT (Actor, Host of multiple television shows on TLC and Fox, National Spokesperson for Nissan, Producer & Writer) -   What do you say about someone who has been such a huge part of  your life and career over the last 20 years?  It's hard to put in words what Michele teaches.  It is uniquely different for every individual.  My path with Michele has kept me real and believable in front of the camera, and has given me the insight to work with actors behind the camera as well.  Is she the only coach in town?  No, she is the best coach in town!  And the only one I recommend.   

TIFFANY LONSDALE    Michele Condrey is a powerhouse individual whose coaching expertise can only be described as extraordinary.  Never has a day gone by when Michele isn't fully focused on her students, her role as our coach and her commitment to bettering each and every one of us, whether we want to "go there" or not.  Acting isn't about being safe, or good, or right.  Michele has taught me to never accept just being "a good actor"; there are always more layers, more intentions, more questions I can build upon to pull out every stop for every character every time.  Her consistency is admirable and inspiring.  If I can be half as great an actor as Michele is coach, I'm already a success.   

JOHNNY SNEED -  I love Michele and treasure her as a teacher and as a friend.  I studied with her for two years when I lived in Dallas.  Michele invests her time and energy in fully assessing each actors' strengths and weakness.  Consequently, Michele tailors her critiques according to what she knows of the actors work as well as the actors unique personality.  I remember one day in class we were discussing how to approach emotionally somber, teary scenes.  After much discussion, I remember her encouraging us to find the place in ourselves "where sadness dwells", and therein lay all the emotional resources we would need.  Michele helped me to discover the place inside me where sadness and other wonderfully human emotions dwell, and I am forever grateful.   

ANDREA COHEN   - There are "acting coaches" and then there are Acting Coaches. Michele does not direct, but lets the actor organically find the soul and being of the character. She will lead you to dark places and happy places while holding your hand and sometimes slapping your hand. I would not be the actor I am today had it not been for Michele Condrey. Anyone interested in being a working professional film actor should be in her class.

MARK NUTTER -  I have to say that I have known Michele for going on 20 years, and when I first walked into her studio 20 years ago, I thought, "I will never get this.  It's beyond my capabilities."  But Michele, with her insight, gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to grow.  Her straight forward attitude and ability to cut through the b.s. is what makes her invaluable to an actor.  You don't need a cheerleader, although Michele will be on of your biggest.  You need someone to push you to the next level.  As her people in Louisiana would say, "That be her."

SKYLER MCINTOSH - This studio is unlike any other.  Michele is so invested in our personal growth as artists.  If you're looking to be an honest and reactive actor, this is the studio for you.  No politics.  No drama.  Just a loving, supportive environment with a coach who will polish you and constantly seek your individual growth.  When you're ready to grow, give Michele a call.

JAMES DE WITT - I've studied with coaches all along the south.  Michele is great at what she does, not teaching tricks/techniques, but helping hone your instincts.  Her actors work too.  That says something.

BECCA SPENCER - Michele truly loves each of her actors, and pushes us to be the best we can be.  She has this way of looking at an actor and seeing your highest potential.  Everything she does is to get you to that point and beyond.  She also encourages us to do work that scares/challenges you as an artist.  You will learn the beauty of being vulnerable.  Make no mistake, this is a process!  I trust my Michele to help get me there.  

BETHANY WATSON  Co-host, "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" New York City - When I moved to Dallas, one of the first things I did was search for acting schools.  After comparing the numerous options, it wasn't even a contest:  Michele Condrey's R.E.A.C.T. Acting Studio jumped out as the best option, by far.  After only a few weeks in class I felt my performances improved exponentialy.  I also witnessed firsthand the incredible moments when Michele pulled beautiful, truthful, heart-rending performances from my classmates.  Anyone who is looking to reach the highest level of honesty and skill in their acting needs to study with Michele.  She is uniquely qualified to sculpt her students into professional actors.  I feel honored to have trained with Michele and to call her my teacher and friend.   

TODD TERRY  -  I have known Michele Condrey for over 17 years, and have been a student in her class for much of that time.  Her keen insight and forthrightness make her a highly sought after teacher from which any actor could benefit.  The best word I could use to describe her is "intuitive".  She is a seeker of truth in the world of drama.  She pushes you gently to discover your potential and praises you for your progress.  She gives you practical solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles; however, when necessary, she's not afraid to kick your butt (but only in the best sense of butt kicking).  I can't say enough good stuff about this cool chic.    

ROBIN SIMMONS (Nominated for the Independent Spirit Awards for her role in "Robbing Peter", competing against Kate Blanchette & Virginia Madsen.) - I have taken classes at "The Groundlings" in L.A., The Actors Studio/Canada, Texas Wesleyan University and KD Studos, and by far I have learned the most with MicheleCondrey of R.E.A.C.T.  She gives 150% to her students and works intimately with each one.  I have developed invaluable skills that enable me to work as a professional actress because I have been lucky enough to work with her.  I would recommend to any actor who is serious about their craft to study with Michele.   

BILL FLYNN  - In our business you never stand still. Either you're moving forward, or things move past you. Your progress is not only rooted in the hard work you do on your own, but also in the skill of someone watching from the outside as you stretch, bend, and sometimes fall flat on your face. Someone of competence and experience who knows our struggles. In short, a good coach. After more than ten yeas as a stage actor, I asked myself, "How hard can it be to switch to film?". Yeah, right! Michele and I bear the scars of my transition. Good teachers encourage their students to question, and Michele is always willing to talk. She listens, and although she's been at this for years, she doesn't shy away from looking at new options which might evolve into better approaches. There are no topics which are off limits. She's honest with her critiques, and quick with her suggestions. That's important to me. I'm glad our paths have crossed .  

CLAY E. JONES - I have been with Michele since 2015.  Her honesty, always pushing you to make the tough choice, the focus on importance of preparation from a real life perspective and always being there when something is not understood, have gotten me positive results and that is the end game for us as students.  I trust her 100%  Period.  

ALLYN CARRELL - Michele is simply the best film acting coach in Dallas.  She is especially good for those of us who move back & forth between film and theater.  Her eye for honesty and her ability to help you find levels in your character are amazing.  I've studied with her for over 10 years now and will continue to do so as long as she is teaching.  

STEFFANIE BLACKMON - We talk a lot about the little things.  She makes you think more deeply about a lot so that your acting can begin to originate in your gut and not your mind so much.